Tn United Ball Mastery Ladder

Improve Ball Control

Technique and the ability to manipulate a soccer ball with various surfaces of the body, mostly the feet, is the foundational component of soccer development in ALL players. At TUSC, we have devised a graduated program for the U9 and U10 players in our Academy that combines different learning methodology and skill based levels for a player to master and attain.
Players can watch one of four videos corresponding to each level of ball mastery they are next to attain. Each level comprises a number of individual techniques that players must master and demonstrate to their coaches in order to acquire a Ball Mastery card. All the techniques can be practiced in a 10 yard x 10 yard grid so the idea is to work away from an organized practice session individually. The goal for each of our Academy players is to complete all 4 levels before they enter the U11 age group.
Watch the videos below, practice, perfect and show your coaches what you can achieve.
Ball Mastery Subject Video LINK
Introduction to the Ball Mastery Ladder Program
Level 1 - Basic Touches - Skills 1-2
Level 2 - Inside/Outside Touches - Skills 3-5
Level 3 - Pull Backs - Skills 8-12
Level 4 - Sole Roles & Brushes - Skills 13-17