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A competitive youth soccer program for players between the ages of U5 to adult, formed in 2004 by the merger of the Middle TN Futbol Club (Quest) of Goodlettsville and The Hendersonville Soccer Club (Fever). The program is headquartered in both Goodlettsville and Hendersonville, utilizing the Moss Wright Park and Drakes Creek Park complexes as its home base.  The club will focus on the complete development of its players and coaches while facilitating a competitive soccer environment. We hope to provide opportunities for youth to play at their highest possible level. The program is a member of TN State Soccer Association, US Soccer Federation, US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer.

The name Tennessee United was chosen given our club will become one of the largest regional clubs in the state and isn’t identified with one specific city, while “United” will convey the essence of what three well respected programs have become… United. Furthermore, a number of highly respected clubs in other parts of the U.S in addition to a number of recognized professional teams in Europe have a similar name.

The board will consist of officers including a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and at large members with equal voting rights as the officers. Tennessee United Soccer Club will be responsible for the election of its own governing body. The policies, guidelines, bylaws, constitution, philosophies and procedures of Tennessee United Soccer Club will be determined by the Tennessee United board while the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and DOC’s will be asked to carry out their duties in accordance to these guidelines. Guidelines serve as the protocol of how the teams are operated as well as the roles of all functions within the organization.

TUSC is the largest competitive soccer club in the North Nashville area, providing state, regional and national level teams. We have professionally licensed coaches (including some with professional and college playing and coaching experience) with all age groups supervised by licensed Directors of Coaching, providing an age appropriate developmental curriculum for the players. TUSC has the use of multiple facilities, including Drakes Creek and Moss Wright Parks. All of our fields have lighting, meaning extended and regular training time.  Our Board of Directors maintains the highest organizational standards to ensure the success of the club on and off the field. The club also offers a unique range of programs including goalkeeper specific training, summer camps and clinics, player development programs, as well as MLS youth academy identification, college and Olympic Development Program soccer identification and contacts for our older players.

The colors are Red and Navy Blue and White, which are also the colors of our state flag. An accent color used with these primary colors may be a silver/gray color as well. The club crest/logo will use the state flag look and colors as its foundation. Therefore, the colors are significant in various ways to all involved.

There are several factors that go into the cost of playing at TUSC.  These fees can be found here.

Most of the games are played in the Middle TN area competing against other local clubs. This is particularly true in our younger age groups or with any of our teams that can get adequate levels of competition against other teams in the area. Some teams may compete in games, tournaments or leagues that are further away (but typically in adjoining states). These decisions are usually made by the coach and manager (a parent representative) in conjunction, bearing in mind cost, travel time and availability of suitable competition closer to home.

The start dates of tryouts are now dictated by the state association and must be adhered to in order to be compliant with state requirements. The BOD, Directors, Coaches and Team Managers will determine the exact date/location of tryouts for each team. Parents of children interested in trying out for a select team for the new seasonal year should contact the Director of Coaching who can provide exact dates and locations of tryouts, and an overview of the program, our guidelines, and philosophy.

New teams for our club will be formed annually via tryouts at the end of May or beginning of June each year. Players from existing teams will be put back in a pool of players in each age group and the teams reformed including new players not previously in the club. Tryout information will be posted on the TUSC website as well as on social media. In addition, postings will be made at local parks prior to tryouts.

For new teams and for all teams after the transition period, teams will register with the state and at tournaments as “TUSC”, plus an indication of year and gender (ex. TUSC 07 Boys).  Teams will be identified by a specific color. Colors such as TUSC 07 Boys Red, TUSC 08 Girls Blue will be used to distinguish multiple teams in an age group. If additional colors are required with the formation of four teams in an age group the color Gray will be used. Such colors don’t necessarily determine their uniform but rather distinguishes them within our club for identification purposes.

The Board of Directors, in conjunction with input from coaches and team managers, will make the selection of brand and style of the new uniforms. A number of factors will be considered including price, functionality, appearance, etc. All teams will wear the club wide uniform and use the club wide bag. Teams that choose to wear a warm-up will wear the club chosen warm-up. All players of the club, whether in transition or not, will wear a grey club selected t-shirt or sweatshirt to practices with the Tennessee United logo.

Each team will be assigned a specific park location for all games and practices. All the practices and games of that team will be played at that location throughout the entire soccer year. For example, the TUSC 09 Boys could be assigned to Moss Wright Park for the entire season. That team will have all its practices on a specific field at that location. The TUSC 07 Girls may be assigned to Drakes Creek Park and would likewise play and practice at that location. We desire to rotate on an annual basis the location of where a team plays/practices. We understand that this may create an inconvenience for some families initially, but the parks are only approximately five miles apart.

We will have a fall and spring tournament at two locations (Hendersonville & Goodlettsville).  An intensive effort will be focused on making the tournament high level and anticipate hosting 250 teams.  This is an enormous financial benefit to our club, its teams, and certainly the communities we live in.

U5-U8 players have two seasons per year with the club (Fall and Spring).  U9-U10 players have both Fall and Spring seasons with an option of Winter Indoor training in Jan/Feb.   U11-U14 players have a 10 month program from August through May.  U15-U19 have one season (boys are in the Fall, girls are in the Spring and a short Micro-Season in Nov/Dec).  Regional teams in this age group may have additional months of games depending on league standings, playoff events and college showcases.

Players are expected to play in their age appropriate groups, assuming there are teams for their age group. Special circumstances will be individually considered by the Director of Coaching.

Many of our teams leave space on their roster for situations such as this. For kids 11 and older, we invite you to contact our Directors of Coaching, Eddie Carvacho (Girls DOC) at eddiecarvacho@tnunitedsc.com or Nate Sego (Boys DOC) at natesego@tnunitedsc.com. For kids under the age of 11, please contact Alyx Gabers at alyxgabers@tnunitedsc.com  Please understand that player spaces are limited and that there is no guarantee you will be placed on a team.