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Each season we have a tournament and you can sell ads/sponsorships for the tournament website. The opportunities run from $500 to $2000. Once you sell an ad your player receives 40% towards their fee. This is a great way to pay for your fees. Your manager will give you the information on selling tournament sponsorships or your can contact jonathanwayland@tnunitedsc.com


We are excited to announce that TUSC has partnered with DreamChasers. They are a nonprofit organization that was established in order to raise funds for charitable donations and scholarships associated with education, sports, extracurricular activities, arts, sciences, health and medical.

This organization provides individuals opportunities to work concession stand slots at events at Bridgestone, Nissan, and Ascend. They will then write a check to your designated non-profit organization (TUSC) with the information each individual worked. TUSC will then transfer money directly to your team that is to be applied to each individual player account. Please contact jonathanwayland@tnunitedsc.com for more info.


We have an exciting opportunity for your team to get a TUSC/Adidas branded professional grade tent and use it as a team fundraiser. The cost of the branded tent/sponsor printed back wall/shipping will be $750. In order to standardize the process and branding for each team and stay consistent with each sponsor, we have put together a proposal of $1500 for a 2 year agreement with the sponsor. $750 will pay for the tent and $750 will go toward reducing team fees. Each subsequent year would provide a renewal opportunity or chance to get a new sponsor wall. Please contact your Manager for more details.


The Club is always looking to partner with like-minded community organizations and businesses to broaden the Club brand and benefit the families in our Club. For information please contact jonathanwayland@tnunitedsc.com


All Fundraising ideas must be approved by the Board Of Directors of TUSC.