U11-U12 Competitive

U11 - U12 Competitive

U11 Competitive

This is the first year where players are placed on teams based on ability.  We continue to develop the individual player while focusing on team concepts within the 9 vs 9 format. TUSC teams will predominantly use a 3-3-2 outfield formation which builds on the formational base learned in the previous years at 7 vs 7. Coaches may introduce their players in certain situations to different team shapes as they start understanding the tactical consequences of one over another.


The players will be divided into Red, Blue, and White teams at the start of the season. Players do not usually move up or down between the teams during a bi-seasonal year unless predicated by a change in the number of players in the age group, although guest playing opportunities may be presented to some players during the year with other teams in the club.

U12 Competitive

Players are again placed into stratified teams. Players may move up or down dependent on their development and ability, placed on teams where they are at that moment, able to meet the demands of the game at that level. This is a very important year because this will be the last year that the players play 9v9.

All this time spent playing small sided games at 7v7 and 9v9 has helped to give your player more touches within a field that is suited best for them in terms of it’s size. As the players grow and mature, sometimes this 9v9 field will seem too small for them. especially in their Spring season. The teams may play some 11v11 formatted games and may participate in the state tournaments for the first time. Our older teams will predominantly play in the Middle TN area. Occasionally teams will compete further afield in TN and may choose to do one tournament a season where an overnight stay is required either in TN or a surrounding state.

*** TUSC actively encourages multiple sport athletes. However certain minimal participation expectations are required to be a member of a team at the club. We understand you have other things going on in your life and you will be asked to balance those with the needs of your team, and individual development.