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Scholarships INFORMATION

Tennessee United Soccer Club does offer scholarship money to those players in need of financial assistance. Players/Families interested in applying for scholarship money are required to submit an application for review. All completed applications should be submitted no later than prior to Tryouts.


Application Process:

All applications are first reviewed by the Chair of the Scholarship Committee to be sure that all required data has been submitted. The applications are then blinded (to maintain confidentiality of the applicant and their families) and then the material is sent out to the members of the committee.

Decisions are made using the following criteria: financial need of the player, recommendation from the team’s coach, team’s need

For recurring applicants: were the criteria of the previous contract met by the player and family?

If a scholarship is awarded: the parents/guardians of the athlete must fulfill their required work slots in the club’s tournaments and work at least one work slot in all state tournaments that the club hosts.